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Brief overview of Amazon logo innovation and history – vectordose

Creating a logo is essential in establishing your brand when starting a business. Your logo is the first thing potential customers see, so you should choose a unique and memorable design. Amazon is an excellent example of a simple yet effective logo design that has helped establish a strong brand identity. In this blog post, we’ll explore the history behind Amazon’s smiley logo design and reveal a hidden inspirational message that will grab your attention. So, let’s scroll down and learn more about the story behind Amazon’s iconic logo!

Amazon: Brand Overview


CEO:                                             Andy Jassy (Jul 5, 2021–) Trending

Founder:                                       Jeff Bezos

Founded:                                      July 5, 1994, Bellevue, Washington, United States

CFO:                                              Brian T. Olsavsky

Mascot:                                         Peccy

President:                                      Andy Jassy


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Overview of Amazon History

Amazon was started by Jeff Bezos in Bellevue, Washington, in 1994 as a website that only sold books. However, Jeff had a much bigger vision and wanted Amazon to become an online store that sold everything.

Initially, Amazon was set up in Jeff’s garage, facing challenges with the servers’ high power requirements. In the early days, they had a bell that, every time someone made a purchase, had to be turned off quickly because it rang so often. Amazon is a multinational technology company specializing in e-commerce and artificial intelligence. , digital streaming, and cloud computing. It is one of the Big Four tech companies, with offices and facilities worldwide, including fulfillment centers, software development centers, campuses, and retail hubs.

Amazon has expanded from its roots as an online book marketplace and now sells various products, from electronics to jewelry. They have developed their technology products and services, including Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, and Audible. Amazon has a publishing arm, a film and television studio, and a cloud computing subsidiary.

Amazon’s consumer electronics, such as Kindle, Fire tablets, Fire TV, and Echo devices, are also popular.

Logo evolution  

Did you know that Amazon’s logo has been redesigned over the years? These redesigns reflect the company’s evolution and growth. The first logo was created in 1995 and has been minimalist in style ever since. The color palette was established in 1998 and is now recognized worldwide. Interestingly, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos wanted to keep the branding budget low, so the logo has always been simple. But despite its simplicity, the logo has remained modern and recognizable. This article will examine logo redesigns throughout Amazon’s history and explore how other branding elements have changed with the company.

In 1995

Amazon logo 1995

Did you know the Amazon is named after the world’s longest river, the Amazon? The company’s first logo, designed in 1995, featured the river prominently, with the letter A of the brand name forming a trapezoid. The logo was designed by Turner Duckworth and featured a stylized ‘A’ in black, symbolizing the shape of a South American river. The wordmark was in a simple sans-serif typeface, and the logo included the company and website name, “,” with the caption “Earth’s Greatest Bookstore” at the base. The logo was intended to express the company’s ambitions to be a global leader in its field, but experts and critics did not receive it well due to its outdated and clichéd design. As a result, the logo was changed after just two years, in 1997. While the logo may not have been a hit, Amazon has come a long way since then!

In 1997

Amazon logo 1997

Amazon – the popular online store we know today – faced criticism for its logo design. To deal with this, they made some changes to their logo to reflect the growth and expansion of the company. The new design still featured black and white but with an additional zebra pattern within the letter A. The pattern was designed to resemble tree branches, symbolizing the company’s growth. The company also placed the wordmark “” below the logo’s base, added in anticipation of the era’s dot-com hype.


Back in 1998

Amazon logo 1998

Amazon realized its old logo, featuring the letter ‘A’ with a river inside, must effectively convey its brand message to a new, tech-savvy audience. They decided to completely change their logo design, keeping in mind the world’s rapid shift towards digital technologies.

Initially, Amazon settled on a new logo featuring the simple word ‘’ in serif typeface with the tagline ‘Earth’s Biggest Bookstore’ underneath. However, this logo did not last long and was soon replaced by a new version.


Amazon logo 1998 new 2

The next iteration of the Amazon logo had the brand name in capital letters to show its dominance. The large yellow letter ‘O’ in the name became the center of attention, and the tagline was removed.


Amazon logo 1998 new 3

Later in the year, Amazon introduced a new wordmark with a curved yellow line underneath, which became the basis for today’s smiley design. They used a bold font for the company name ‘Amazon’ to make it more visible, while the ‘.com’ part was lighter, and they used the Officina Sans typeface.

And that’s how Amazon’s logo changed over the years!

2000 – Today, the Amazon Smile logo

Amazon logo in present era

In 2000, the company developed a new logo design that they still use today. They changed the old design by replacing the yellow curved bridge with an arrow resembling a smile. They used a yellow swoosh to connect the ‘a’ and ‘z’ in the brand name to show that they sell everything. The smiley arrow also represents the happy customers who smile when their products are delivered to their doorstep.

2021 –Phone App Logo

2021 amazon Phone App Logo

Amazon uses a logo with a brown box and a strip of blue tape at the top, representing the shopping cart and plain packaging. However, some protested the emblem because the jagged edges of the blue stripe reminded them of Adolf Hitler’s toothbrush mustache, which the dictator wore. Amazon redesigned the logo to make the blue stripe appear clear without resembling Hitler’s mustache, indicating that customers feel excited and happy when they receive Amazon products. An Amazon spokesperson explained that the company always strives to delight its customers and has designed the new icon so that customers will remember when they start their shopping journey on their phones. So, they evoke their anticipation and excitement, as they feel when they receive their Amazon boxes at their doorstep.

2022 – The Prime Logo

2022 The amazon Prime Logo

Back in April 2022, Amazon launched its new service called Amazon Prime. With this service, customers can pay a monthly fee and get free shipping and faster delivery. The Amazon Prime logo features the classic Amazon logo with a yellow arrow, and the word “Prime” is added in blue to emphasize the brand’s dedication to providing fast, efficient, and excellent customer service. Can be given

Design element and meaning

Have you ever noticed how unique and attractive the Amazon logo looks? The company has strategically designed its logo elements to convey its message effectively. The creative elements used in the Amazon logo are a great example of how a company can use design to connect with its customers.


Did you know that the Amazon logo has a special arrow in it? This arrow stretches from the letter ‘a’ to the letter ‘z’ and represents how Amazon has everything you need as a customer. The arrow is designed to look like a happy face and is colored yellow, symbolizing hope and sunshine. So, whenever you see that arrow in the Amazon logo, you can remember that they have everything you need to make you happy and satisfied as a customer.

Color and fonts

Have you ever wondered why the Amazon logo looks like this? Well, let’s break it down. The brand name “Amazon” is written in a font called “Amazon Ember,” a sans-serif font that conveys friendliness and accessibility. The black color used for the brand name represents its authority in its field. Meanwhile, the yellow arrow, in the shape of a smile, represents customer satisfaction and happiness.

color codes of Amazon logo

color codes of Amazon logo



The logo has undergone various changes to reach its current design, effectively capturing consumers’ attention and conveying the brand message. The logo has become so iconic that even the Amazon smiley is recognized independently of the brand.

The key to creating an iconic logo is simplicity, a strong concept, and solid execution. Amazon’s logo is a testament to this fact. If you are still trying to create the perfect logo for your brand, don’t worry. Consistency is key in logo design. When designing a logo, getting it right the first time is crucial. However, keep going if it takes trial and error to find the perfect fit. To create a logo representing your brand, develop a clear brand identity that reflects your company’s character. Consider Amazon as an example of a company that has evolved its logo over time while maintaining its core elements. Feel free to experiment and keep trying until you find the perfect logo that tells your brand story to your customers.