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A Brief History and evolution of Atlanta Braves logo – vectordose

The Atlanta Braves baseball team was once based in Milwaukee but moved to Atlanta in 1966. Their logo was originally quite similar to the Milwaukee Braves, but it’s evolved into its unique design. The story of how the Atlanta Braves logo came to be is fascinating. If you’re a Braves fan, you’ll want to check out our detailed blog, where we cover everything you need to know about the team’s history and logo.


Atlanta Braves: Brand overview



Arena/Stadium:            Truist Park

Manager:                        Brian Snitker

Pitching coach:               Rick Kranitz

Founded:                          1871

Founder:                          Liberty Media

Headquarters:                Atlanta, U.S.


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Atlanta Braves History

The Atlanta Braves are a baseball team representing the NL East Division based in Atlanta, Georgia. The team was formed in 1883 and has had several owners since then. The team was initially known as the Boston Beaters and later changed to the Dawes and Wrestlers before settling on the Atlanta Braves.


The team logo has also undergone many changes over the years. The current logo features the handwritten word “Braves,” with a tomahawk symbol underneath. The tomahawk represents the Native American population and is tied with yellow thread, symbolizing the team’s strong ties to past generations. All elements are painted red with a dark blue border, slightly wider than the tomahawk in the name. Overall, the Atlanta Braves have a rich history and a proud legacy; their logo reflects that.


Atlanta Braves Logo evolution

The Atlanta Braves are a legendary baseball team with a rich history. Their logo has undergone many changes over the years – 29 to be exact – representing each era of the team’s existence. The reasons for these changes vary, including team relocations, franchise name changes, and adaptations to modern times. All these factors have played a role in shaping the Braves logo into what it is today. With the team’s foundation dating back to 1883, it’s no wonder the emblem has evolved so much over time.



Boston Beaneaters Logo 1883-1888


In the early days of baseball, a team’s identity was closely tied to the city they represented, reflecting the pride and traditions of the local community. One example was the Boston baseball team, originally called the “Boston Beneaters.” The name was a tribute to a regional specialty dish and reflected the local culture. During this time, logos were simple and not as elaborate as today. The banner logo was simple, representing Boston’s identity with a basic design.



Boston Beaneaters Logo 1889


The team decided to change their name color from red to dark blue due to significant changes in visual branding. This change was not just about appearance. It reflects a profound change within the organization. Red was a core element of the team’s identity, representing energy, passion, and intensity. The fans loved him, and he embodied the spirit and determination of the team. However, as the team evolved, it decided to go for a more mature and sophisticated look and thus settled on a deep blue. This color represents stability, wisdom, and depth and reflects a more measured and thoughtful style. The team signaled that it was changing its philosophy and aspirations by making this change.



Boston Beaneaters Logo 1897

Boston’s well-known sports team has recently revealed a new logo showcasing a bright blue Old English letter “B.” The team intended to pay tribute to the city’s rich history and culture. The Old English font was chosen to honor the tradition and highlight the city’s colonial past. This classic style imparts timeless refinement and helps establish a connection between the team and Boston’s rich history.



Boston Beaneaters Logo 1900

In the early 1900s, a well-known brand decided to change its style. They wanted to keep some of the old logo design from 1897 and make it something different. It was a way of showing that they respect their history and want to move forward. The new logo was a mix of old and new, and people loved it. The changes weren’t massive, so people could still recognize the brand, but they were enough to let people know something was different


Boston Beaneaters Logo 1901-1906

The club returned to its roots by changing its logo to the one initially used in 1889. The new logo incorporates the name of the city of Boston and isn’t just a stylish update. It is a way for the club to show its connection with the city and its fans. The change pays tribute to the club’s history and honors the city that has always supported it.


Boston Doves Logo 1907

The club’s new logo wasn’t the only change. It was designed to blend the club’s historic roots with a contemporary look. The bright red color and Old English font symbolize the balance between tradition and modernity. The name “Dove” and accompanying logo were carefully crafted to honor the club’s past while paving the way for a new era with a new sense of purpose and direction.




Back in 1908, the letter “B” got a makeover. Its new look features bold lines and a wishbone style. To add some pizzazz, a small white diamond-shaped mark was added in the center of the vertical line of the letter. The colors remained a bold and bright combination of red and white.


Boston Doves Logo 1909

In 1908, the baseball team logo was redesigned to feature a red “B” on a white baseball. However, just one year later, in 1909, they decided to give the logo another makeover. This time, they changed the font of “B” to a geometric and upright style with different cuts and angles. He added black to the color palette by placing the letter on a black baseball. These changes gave the logo a more professional and confident look.


Boston Doves Logo 1910

The baseball team, later named the Boston Wrestlers, changed its logo to the old one from 1901. The new logo features the red “Boston” in an arched style. Baneers first used this logo, which later became Dose’s final logo.


Boston Rustlers Logo 1911

The new logo featured a new color palette of navy blue on white, and the letter “B” also gave a new, modern look. The designers chose smooth lines with sharp angles, which gave the logo a gothic style.


Boston Braves Logo 1912-1915

In 1912, Boston’s baseball team changed from the Boston Wrestlers to the Boston Braves. It was the second name change in just two years. The new logo features an image of a Native American, presented in profile and wearing a feathered headdress. The primary colors of the logo were white and red.



Boston Braves Logo 1916-1920

In 1916, the Boston Braves made some changes to their logo. They decided to scale down the portrait and place it in a blue circle. This made their logo look more professional and unique.’



Boston Braves Logo 1921

In 1921, the portrait was replaced with the letter “B,” and the color scheme was changed to blue and white. This new look gave the brand a fresh and professional feel, making it look more trustworthy and reliable.


Boston Braves Logo 1925-1928

1925, the “B” logo was redesigned, resulting in a more refined and elegant look. Letter lines were smoothed and lengthened, and a new shade of blue was introduced. A small white triangle was added to the vertical bar of “B,” pointing to the right and resembling a “play” button. This gave the logo a playful touch, which was reinforced by the long and curved tails of the verticals. Overall, the new design was the perfect blend of sophistication and fun.


Boston Braves Logo 1929-1935

In the first era of the Boston Braves, they had a logo that featured a Native American portrait. Towards the end of that era, they decided to bring back the image, but with a few changes. They added more colors and naturalized the skin tone. However, they did not change the outline of the portrait, which was the same as the one used in 1912.


Boston Bees Logo 1936-1937

In 1936, the Boston baseball team changed its name to the Boston Bays and received a new logo. The logo had a large “B” that looked like a wishbone. This logo was previously used in 1925 but was updated with a new design and blue color. The letter “B” was yellow-green with thick blue lines around it.



Boston Bees Logo 1938

Although the color palette remained the same, the letterforms were updated to a modern geometric design. The top and bottom of the letter were slightly curved towards the middle, giving it a fresh look. Additionally, the blue outline was thinned out, further enhancing the yellow-lime color of the letter.


Boston Bees Logo 1939

The club’s logo changed. While the letter “B” retained its shape, the color palette was changed to dark red with a thin blue outline. The new design was more impactful, with a menace and energy. Despite only being around for a short year, the logo was widely admired for its professional and sleek appearance.



Boston Bees Logo 1940

In 1940, Boston Bees returned their excellent gothic-style letter “B” for their visual design. They made some changes, like lengthening the lines and moving the upper tail horizontally. The new “B” was painted in royal blue and placed on a white background to show they were a reliable and robust team.



Boston Braves Logo 1941-1944

In 1941, the Boston-based baseball club decided to return to its original name – the Boston Braves. Interestingly, they didn’t need to change the logo immediately. This was because the first letters of the team name remained the same, making it unnecessary to redesign the logo. So, they continued to use the previous version of the logo for another three years.



Boston Braves Logo 1945-1952

Back in 1945, the club adopted a new emblem featuring the profile of a Native American man with a red feather headdress. The sign was created in 1929, and it still looks modern and vibrant with its unchanged shapes and color palette from the 1930s.



Milwaukee Braves Logo 1953-1955

In 1953, the baseball club, formerly the Boston Braves, decided to move to Milwaukee and become the Milwaukee Braves. Also, he wanted a new sign for his team. They used a logo featuring an image of a Native American man looking to the right. The logo’s colors were yellow, red, white, and blue, and placed on a solid yellow circle. The Braves used this version of the logo for three years.



Milwaukee Braves Logo 1957-1965

In 1957, the Braves introduced their iconic logo, which has become a classic. The logo featured an Iroquois Indian man with a bright grin, eyes closed, and a golden hoop earring. The man’s hairstyle was adorned with a yellow and black feather on the left, giving the logo a unique touch.



Atlanta Braves Logo 1966-1967

In 1966, the baseball team moved to Atlanta and changed its name. They updated their logo but kept some elements from the old one. They changed the skin color from pink to brown and replaced the yellow feathers with white and black. They also added a new font and used bright colors. The new logo featured the word “Atlanta” in large letters above the portrait and “Brave” in cursive below. Both parts of the name were in bright red.



Atlanta Braves Logo 1968-1971

The Braves have unveiled a new logo that includes an image of an Indian, which is similar to the 1966 version. The word “Braves” is added in dark blue color with a thin red outline. To ensure that the name fits well, the illustration is slightly smaller in size.



Atlanta Braves Logo 1972-1984

The Iroquois logo was redesigned in 1972 to give it a fresh and modern look. The portrait was lit using a white and red color scheme and placed on a solid blue square with rounded edges. The word “Atlanta” was removed from the nameplate, and “Brave” was given a sleeker look. The word “Brave” was placed below the portrait, overlapping the blue square. The lettering was done in red and outlined in white and blue.



Atlanta Braves Logo 1985-1986

In 1985, some changes were made to the design of the Braves emblem. The color palette was refined, with a darker and more dark blue for the background, and a more elegant typeface was used for the word “brave.” Although this version of the logo was only used for a year, it was imposing.



Atlanta Braves Logo 1987-1989

Back in 1987, the Atlanta Braves decided to update their look by making the blue color of their logo a bit darker. This change made their portrait more stylish and contemporary. They also refined their inscription by shortening the letters, making them more comprehensive, and adding white to the outline. This gave their logo an overall cleaner and more modern look.



Atlanta Braves Logo 1990-2017

The team has decided to go back to using their logo name. The logo has the word “Braves” in red with a dark blue outline, taking up most of the space. Beneath it is an ancient red ax, which symbolizes the team’s strength and determination to always do better.


2018 – Today

Atlanta Braves Logo 2018 Present

The way we identify ourselves has changed over time, and the current symbol we use is an updated version of the one created in 1990. It’s made up of two parts: text and an image. The text reads “Braves” in a slanted, italic script, with the last letter rising up. The image is of an ancient tool that our ancestors used. The logo represents strength and perseverance, reminding us that achieving our goals is never easy, but always worth it. It’s like carving something useful out of ordinary materials.


Color codes of Atlanta Braves logo

Color codes of Atlanta Braves logo


The Atlanta Braves have gone through many changes over the years, and their logo is no different. Since dating back to 1883, the team has had 30 different logos. Each represents a different chapter in the team’s history, from their early days in Boston to their more recent days in Atlanta. The current logo pays tribute to the strength and legacy of the team. It has a fancy “Braves” written in script and a tomahawk, symbolizing the team’s resilience.